Steve Kazor – NFL Experience

Steve Kazor : 22 plus Scores as Special teams coach: Plus NFL & college experience

Chicago 10 years

1  . 1 TD on blocked FG.
2.  1 TD Dennis McKinnon Punt Return
3.  1 TD Kick off return Jack Cameron
4.  6 TDS McKinnon 2 Punt Returns/ Gayle recovered punt block/ Dennis Gentry & Ken Taylor KO, Willie Gault KOR
5.  2 TDS Lou Barnes 1 KOR & Dennis Gentry 1 KOR
6.  3TDS Dennis McKinnon 2 Punt returns – Dennis Gentry Kick off return
7   1 Thomas Sanders KOR
8.  3 Dave Duerson advanced blocker punt, Johnny Bailey KOR, Dent FG Block
9. 1 Darren Lewis punt return

Twice college head coach= offensive coordinator stats below

Detroit 4 regular season 3 Mel Gray KOR 1 Johnny Morton KOR PLUS 1 96 yard return by Mel Gray in playoffs to the +4. vs Green Bay.

First NFL team to use Cluster or tight kick off

First Team in the NFL to use the 6 man ( 5-1) kick return front!

LEAGUE RECORD: In 1990 The Field Goal Block team of the Chicago Bears blocked 15 PATS & FG.

While at Dallas he worked with the defense and Gene Stallings who will verify abilities

At Chicago coached the Tight Ends as well as Special teams developing young tight ends Jim Thornton, Cap Boso, Keith Jennings, James Coley, Pat Dunsmore, and helped maintain a great career of Emery Morehead.

At Detroit worked with David Sloan a draft pick that went to the pro bowl , while he worked under offensive coordinator Tom Moore

As a college head coach and offensive coordinator was able to average 498 yards per game and 29.1 per game in 6 years.

Offensive Line: assistant in NFL 5 years and Hired as O line coach in CFL

Also had been College Defensive coordinator twice in top 13 in the nation


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